Concerts at SUPERBOOTH19 in Berlin

SUPERBOOTH Berlin, the largest trade fair for electronic musical instruments and festival for electronic music culture, is entering its fourth round – presented by SCHNEIDERSLADEN.

Synthesizer enthusiasts from all over the world will meet from 9 – 11 May to discover the latest creations of electronic sound generators and enjoy the varied live music program on the 3 days of the fair. As in previous years, the organizers will once again be presenting a broad spectrum of the electronic music scene with young, innovative acts and established artists from a wide variety of musical disciplines.

The concert program starts on Thursday with several highlights:

  • SchneiderTM and Jay Ahern will play a set with experimental guitars as well as modular
    textures and rhythms.
  • From Utrecht, Holland, Kypski comes with a turntable-meets-modular-set. Alec Empire and Nex transform the AUDITORIUM, which holds 550 spectators, into a
    gated community in which experiences with modern surveillance mechanisms are transformed into a concert experience.
  • Cineasts and Berlin aficionados find what they are looking for at CINEMA when Mark Reeder presents and comments on his highly acclaimed film B-MOVIE about the wild Berlin of the 1980s.
  • Afterwards Barbara Morgenstern shows her Indie-Electronica in a show with choir and cello specially developed for SUPERBOOTH19.
  • The first day of the festival will end in the wood-paneled K1, with the Berlin artist and composer Robert Lippok (To Rococo Rot, Raster-Noton, Ornament und Verbrechen).

The legendary Friday:

  • On Friday the first and only synthesizer collective known to us with handicapped protagonists – with the programmatic title “Ick mach Welle” – opens the concert series
    on the SEEBÜHNE.
  • In the late afternoon, the legendary founder of Mute-Records and pioneer of electronic music of the 80s, Daniel Miller, pays homage to himself and plays one of his
    rare modular sets.
  • T.Raumschmiere meets FuCkeTY BuCkeTY can then lie down in the already heated bed – anyone who was there last year knows what this means.
  • Another legend: Sound artist Wolfgang Seidel, founding member of Ton Steine Scherben and Conrad Schnitzler, one half of the duo Eruption, plays with guests at K1.
  • The French artist, musician and filmmaker Marc Caro plays a selection of his works in the cinema. The older ones among us will remember his film “Delicatessen”.
  • And another legend at the end of Friday: the British artist Cristian Vogel (among others next to Jamie Lidell, one half of Supercollider) with his youthful counterpart Bjørn Svin.

Sunny Saturday:

The nice weather in May and the right selection of artists invite you to great concerts on the
SEEBÜHNE. Among others there are:

  • Lucid Grain (Martha Plachetka and Anatol Locker), a young ambient duo from Munich.
  • The English musician Matthew Hodson plays powerful modular sounds accompanied by a live drummer.
  • The Berliner from INSTANT (formerly #instantboner), modularheads and friends of SUPERBOOTH from the beginning.
  • Modgeist is a young, virtuosic improvising modular artist from France, who already inspired at last year’s SUPERBOOTH18.
  • In the K1, CYRK aka Sammy Goossens and Pascal Hetzel inspire us with Detroit techno infected electro.
  • The German Dada-/Kraut-/NeueWelle pioneers of Der Plan, who released their first album in 25 years in 2017, will play on the big stage in the evening.
  • Moritz R, Frank Fenstermacher and Kurt Dahlke aka Der Pyrolator let us dance the Gummitwist.
  • And the concert of Peter Pichler on the Mixturtrautonium will be another very special experience. This extraordinary instrument is extremely rare to hear live, although its predecessor, the Trautonium, has achieved world fame through its inventor Oskar Sala – not only through the soundtrack to Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.



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