Mixed In Key Studio Edition – Key Detection plug-in for your DAW

Mixed In Key is pleased to introduce Mixed In Key Studio Edition, the award-winning key detection tool as a VST/AU plugin. The Studio Edition of Mixed In Key allows producers to instantly analyze sounds and samples inside a DAW and accurately match them to a production or DJ mix.

The Studio Edition plugin allows users to analyze samples or MIDI Instrument Audio, identify detailed notation data and establish the root key. The note percentage tells you how closely notes match your samples. Key results can be viewed using Flat, Sharp or Camelot wheel notation. Mixed In Key helps you create mashups, put your acapellas in key with the rest of your music production, and speed up your workflow without leaving your DAW.

Insert on an audio channel in your DAW
Any audio on a specific channel can be captured in Mixed In Key Studio Edition. The plugin gives you detailed information about the Notes present and Root Key.

Analyze the Master Output
Analyze your composition in full and determine accurate Key and Notation data in real-time.

Automatic Key Detection
Mixed In Key Studio Edition analyzes your samples and provides advanced key and notation data to help you find and blend the perfect sounds.

Instantly Tune Your Drums
With Mixed In Key Studio Edition, tuning your drums is easier than ever. You’ll instantly know the exact key and pitch of your drum sounds and percussion, so you can use your DAW to change pitch by a few cents or semitones.

Plan Your DJ Sets
Visualize your sample analysis by Flats, Sharps, or Camelot Wheel notation. Plan your DJ sets by taking sounds and tracks from your DJ music library and mashing them up inside your DAW.

Tune Your Vocals
Provide the right key to your pitch correction plugins, such as Melodyne or AutoTune to tune your acapellas and vocal recordings faster.

Mixed In Key Studio Edition is available for Mac OS and Windows, and is officially supported for Ableton Live, FL Studio and Apple Logic.

Pricing and Availability
Mixed In Key Studio Edition is $58 USD

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