New Sounds and Samples on Sample Saturday #442

Below are some of the new releases we have encountered this week on the Loops and Samples front. Just like the quality of the audio software we use these days the quality of the content we use (loops and samples) equally matches the high standards of this software. Below is this weeks selection.

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Bodhi – Shades Of House

Groove Techno

Drum & Bass Tech & Rollers

Nova Bass

Alex Ground & Dave Zeta – Minimal Dubs

Kid Massive Latin House Grooves

Uptempo VS Frenchcore

Dark & Groovy Tech House 01

Domestic Percussion

Vintage Guitar Vol 2

Stereo Love – Synthwave


Ethnic Pop Vocals Vol 1

Disco House Grooves

KV Balu: Modern Indian Percussion

Ultra Tropical House Vocals 8

Skeleton Samples: Mechanical Techno

Skeleton Samples: Underground Techno

Hard Dropz

Ambient Melodic House


Apocalyptic Game Crafting Material

Explainer Video Foley 2

8-Bit Drums 2

Thief in the night

Live n kickn drum loops

Brazilian Tech House

Urban Slow Jamz 2

Melodic Guitar Effects

Thrax – Trap & Hip Hop

Hybrid – Hip Hop

No Hearth – Trap

Drum Cartel – Trap

RnB Epic Trap 3

Apocalyptic Game Abilities and Achievements

Explainer Video Bubbles and Pops

Clarity – Chill

Pink Kit – Nu disco

Chill Trap & Future Soul

90’s House P.1

90’s House P.2

90’s House P.3

Nu Metal Loops

Minimal Tech Vol. 2 P.1

Minimal Tech Vol. 2 P.2

Minimal Tech Vol. 2 P.3

Ultimate Intro Countdown & DJ Tool – Male, Female & Robot Voices

Chords Synths for House & Techno

Phrases: Trap & G House

Acoustic: Deadly Fills 2

Outdoor by Beatsburg

Machinery by Beatsburg

The Microcassette Sessions

LoFi Hip Hop Beats

Urban Made Drums Vol 1

Smell The Money

Spitfire Audio

Ambient Guitars


Gothic Instruments DRONAR Distorchestra

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