SYNTH-WERK Model 15 Modular System coming to SUPERBOOTH19

Make your Model 15 the center of your recording studio and upgrade your modular synthesizer setup with a sound that cre- ated legends. Except for phone-plug-size 5U-modules are by the way fully compatible and patchable to Eurorack Systems, so it ́s not about adding another niche, it’s about expanding your own musical eco-Model and let it grow.

The SYNTH-WERK Model 15 is a powerfull performer, longing to be used live on stage. Whether you will use it with a sequenc- ing-unit or a keyboard, be assured to have some outstanding sonic possibilities right there at your fingertips. Playing this won- derful instrument is more like talking to an old friend, analogue to that time and space being second-tier – so: enjoy!

The Synthesizer 15 build from 1974 on, equal to its numbered 12 and 10 predeces- sor, was a landmark of craftsmanship.

Likewise its forerunner, the SYNTH-WERK Model 12 is considered an extraordinary example of a supreme and compact com- bination of 5U-tools with explicit portability in mind. Every single unit is composed from a careful selection of the finest prime parts available. At heart it relies on our latest achievement in successfully recre- ating the versatility of the 921 Oscillator in every aspect imaginable, resulting in a SW921A Control Unit combined with two SW921B-Oscillators, alongside an indepen- dent SW921 module.

Compared to the puristic design and mu- sical rawness of its ancestor, the SYNTH- WERK 921 unfolds its capabilities likewise in a much more sophisticated and grownup manner, accompanied by increased tonal flexibility. This is mainly obtained by careful observation of the original build and meanwhile rethinking the whole circuit to produce a VCO that sounds as good as the original. Therefore we respectfully integrat- ed only highly accurate parts and authentic NOS parts, following the original circuit design without any compromise!

The units are extended by a classic SW903A Random Signal Generator as well as the voltage controllable famous lowpass Ladder Filter model SW904A which imparts essentially every audiosource imaginable with its unique character.

More sound sculpting possibilities are implemented with a SW907A Half-octave Filter module that is capable to come up with some structural and flexible formant shaping, not at least due to some integrated custom made high-class inductors. Besides dynamic modulation the two SW911 ele- ments can be used to describe the contour and envelope of the resulting sound by targeting the SW902 Amplifier or as well controlling the SW904A Lowpass-Filter. Regarding attack and decay times you can choose from the same luscious bandwidth like its reference from two milliseconds up to ten seconds.

It is worth mentioning, that you can decide to go for a custom configuration containing the advanced SW914 Fixed Filter Bank, a MIDI/CV Interface or any other configura- tion you desire. The SYNTH-WERK Model 15 ships perfectly embraced in a tolex cov- ered replica of an original Moog Style trav- el-enclosure with front lid and an integrated well-spaced custom power supply unit.

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