Yamaha is investigating the possibility of a new CS-80 and Behringer is responding

It seems that Yamaha is interested in releasing one of their synthesizer icons, the CS80.

In a post on Yamaha ‘s Ideas Forum forum, R&D Planning Manager Ben Israel asks for input on how people there think about how the direction Yamaha should go.

Hello from Yamaha,

Thanks for your Ideas and conversations. Apologies we haven’t joined in. We would like to understand your analog synthesizer requests a bit more clearly. Please note we are moving in a very deliberate manner; this is just an initial focusing of the Ideas offered so far and a commitment to build a product.

Here is our first question:

If we made a CS-80, do you want a vintage reissue or a modern evolution?

Thanks again for your participation. We look forward to the conversation.

There are now examples of modern synths all along the spectrum: from vintage re-releases like the Moog modular system reissues; evolutions like Roland System 500 Eurorack modules; clones, like the Behringer Model D or Pro-One; and modern synths inspired by classic, like the Kog volca FM.

What direction do you think makes the most sense for Yamaha and the CS-80? Share your thoughts in the comments!

While everyone is recovering from the Yamaha news, Uli Behrinher comes up with a photo of a just purchased Yamaha CS-80.

Yamaha says in a response that they are not sure if the plans for a new CS-80 will go ahead, they want the feedback arrows from their customers. Behringer is also silent in all languages ​​that their new version of the CS-80 will someday see the light of day.

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