Softube releases Monoment Bass software synthesizer

​In the modern day, music production leans more heavily on bass than ever before. Although track counts can number a hundred or more, often the core of a song is built around little more than a beat, a vocal, and a rich, living bass sound.

So an instrument dedicated to just that – tailored to producing huge, solid bass tones with complex, organic overtones and focused effects​ for a mix-ready low end – is more than just useful. It’s foundational. Monoment Bass lays the groundwork for top-quality tracks every time.

Working with sound designer and rare-synth-collector ​Tobias Menguser​, Softube have provided a ​carefully selected and expertly curated collection of top-end sounds​, paired them
with easy-to-use and awesome-sounding synth architecture, and high quality analog effects for modern, mix-ready bass in seconds.

Professionally created presets from Madison Mars, Vandalism, Sample Tools by Cr2, WA Production, Black Octopus, and Function Loops​ give inspiring and exquisite sound right out of the box, and with all-stereo source material and the perfect suite of effects for the task, Monoment Bass raises the bar significantly for easy-to-use, modern, mix-ready bass sounds.

In short:
● Super-high-quality bass synth with stereo source sounds from top-end boutique hardware
● Top-notch synth architecture that’s both versatile and easy to use
● Blend noise with two different sources at once for a textured and highly complex sound
● Professional presets from ​Madison Mars, Vandalism, Sample Tools by Cr2, WA
Production, Black Octopus, and Function Loops
● A heavy focus on modern bass sounds makes this the perfect addition to the forward-thinking studio

Launch date: June 11, 2019
Price: ​$99 (intro offer $79 until July 11)

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