MOD Devices returns to Sónar+D to showcase the new MOD Duo X

For the 5th consecutive year, music tech company MOD Devices will be showcasing its latest hardware and software endeavours at the barcelonian festival. An international hub for innovation in music tech and creativity, Sónar+D’s MarketLab is the perfect place for MOD to exhibit their latest product, the MOD Duo X, an ultra-powerful audio processor with added spice, which was designed to suit the needs of electronic musicians.

The recently launched device has already attracted the attention of many music gear enthusiasts and nearly sold out in pre-orders. The company’s initial goal of creating an audio processor that would offer maximum controllability while staying compact, and pack-a-punch when it comes to processing power exceeded all expectations. The Duo X left MOD’s Berlin HQ twice as powerful as predicted, with its cutting-edge 1.5 gHz QuadCore processor, unprecedented in the standalone multi-effects units market.

“The Duo X allows you to create extremely complex patches that probably wouldn’t be possible on a regular computer + DAW combo. This really is all about giving more freedom to musicians, where technology opens up creative possibilities instead of setting limitations. If you can imagine it, there’s a pretty big chance the Duo X can do it.” Gianfranco Ceccolini, MOD Devices founder and CEO.

Renowned DJ and producer Jesse Siminski aka Heartthrob will also be joining the MOD booth to showcase some of the built-in patches and pedalboards that he has been carefully crafting for the Duo X. These cover a wide variety of tools for live performance and studio use, which include Audio Effects, Synths, Drums and internal CV instruments: “One of my favorite ‘Studio Tool Pedalboards’ is the Tape and Tube Emulators, Filter and Master EQ. It’s perfect for shaping and fattening digital signals.” says Jesse.

MOD will be presenting their latest software releases, which include a collection of plugins created with the Duo X in mind. The list features a brand-new step sequencer as well as a set of CV modules that were developed for the Duo X internal Control Voltage support. Visitors will be able to delve deep into the MOD digital interface and craft their very own pedalboards, with hundreds of plugins to choose from and experiment with.

Find MOD Devices from the 17th to the 19th of July 2019 at their booth in the Audio Tech Hub.

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