Gearjunkies video – Empirical Labs Distressor VS UAD software version

From the new Dutch webshop in musical instruments and studio equipment I4studio, we were able to borrow an Empirical Labs Distressor. In this video we make a comparison with the UAD software version of this mono compressor.

About the Empirical Labs Distressor.
Because of his love for compressors such as the 1176, LA-2A and Gain Brain, the founder of Empirical Labs Dave Derr, has built his first own compressor: the Distressor. And his first compressor is an ongoing success. More than 26,000 Distressor’s have already been sold around the world.

The Distressor is not a standard compressor. Okay, he’s able to mimic the sound of iconic compressors, but this device goes beyond that.

You have the choice of eight switchable ratios, each with its own unique compressor algorithm. You also have access to more advanced features to color your audio tracks and to give them more dynamics. The Distressor also has two distortion generators at its disposal. The first has a subtle tube distortion, the second a rich tape distortion. The Distressor also has an advanced filter for both the side-chain and the audio circuit.

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