Discover 5 Times More Liked Songs with Mixonset iOS app

Next week, Mixonset will launch the Premium version of their music discovery app. Mixonset is your personal music assistant made with Artificial Intelligence that finds new music based on your current vibe. Users report that Mixonset helps them find 5 times more Liked songs than with traditional music services like Spotify.

FIND MY VIBE: One of the biggest challenges of music listening is how to find new music you like easily. Traditional playlists don’t work well because people don’t listen to the same songs for the same reasons. One person’s happy song might be another person’s party song. Mixonset’s extensive user testing shows that it’s all about the vibe of the music. So in order to find songs that you like, simply play a song that you already know and enjoy, so we can suggest similar songs that fit that vibe.

FILL IN THE GAPS: Finding new music is challenging. You have to actively go out of your way to listen to suggested playlists full of completely new songs. Instead, Mixonset applies our vibe-based philosophy to playlisting. We take a playlist that you’ve made (or any playlist for that matter), and add similar songs that fit in between the songs that you already like. Mixonset makes music discovery naturally easy.

YOUR PERSONAL DJ: It’s not just about the song, the whole music vibe has to make sense together. The app orders your playlists according to tempo, key, and energy level. Powered by our award-winning AI technology, we also transition your music from one song to the next without skipping a beat, like a club DJ is mixing all your music.

THE BEST PART OF EVERY SONG: You only need to listen to the best part of each song to know if you like it or not. The app’s AI identifies the best 75 seconds of a song so you can discover more with less time.

MIXONSET PREMIUM: For just a $4.99 monthly subscription, users can listen to an unlimited number of the best parts of each song. The Premium also lets you toggle how much new music you want to discover so that you are guaranteed to find your next favorite earworm. You can also save the vibes that you enjoy as a playlist with just one click.

The Mixonset app is available for free for Spotify Premium users on the Apple App Store. For just a $4.99 monthly subscription, Mixonset Premium helps you discover your next favorite song like never before.

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