Soundation Launches World’s Most Collaborative Music Studio

Collab Live enables creators to produce music together in real-time, removing the need to manually sync projects, making it easy to collaborate on songs whether they’re working simultaneously or in different sessions. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. The technology also allows for live streams and webinars for learning purposes, as well as encouraging music creators to engage with their fans on projects.

“Many of our users are ambitious up-and-coming producers, who are inspired by and learn from each other every day, and this is something we’d like to encourage even more with Collab Live”, says Adam Hasslert, CEO of Soundation. “We want to make music collaboration easier and more accessible than ever before”.

The feature lets you follow every move your co-creator makes in real-time, from the movement of the cursor to what channel and region they’re working on and the changes they make, even as they’re being made. Soundation has also set up an official Discord server, making it easy to find other creators to collaborate with, communicate with your co-creator, create groups and share inspiration and updates.

Collab Live will be released as an open beta on 21st of April. It’s available to all users, with Free Users limited to one collaboration project at a time.

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