Signum Audio Releases BUTE Limiter 2 – special Gearjunkies discount!

Scottish developers Signum Audio are proud to announce the release of BUTE Limiter 2, a major upgrade and redesign of the widely celebrated BUTE Limiter.

BUTE Limiter 2 delivers “high fidelity, ultra-transparent true peak brickwall limiting with a streamlined and sleek user interface”.

UTE Limiter 2 is driven by Signum Audio’s novel limiting algorithm which is specifically designed for utmost transparency. For version 2 the algorithm has been further refined to deliver even better performance at extreme settings. Improvements to the algorithm include better bass response and support for shorter release times.

BUTE Limiter 2 also features advanced adaptive auto release. The optimal release is calculated by analysing the audio input and dynamically adapting the release time. The auto release length can still be configured to fit different types of audio best, similar to traditional limiter release settings, but sounding much more natural than a fixed release length.

As a result, BUTE Limiter 2 delivers smooth and ultra-transparent limiting that keeps the character of your master while taking care of any intersample peaks.

Free Upgrade / Pricing

The plugin will be available for free to both BUTE Limiter and BUTE Loudness Suite users.

BUTE Limiter 2 is FREE for anyone who already owns BUTE Limiter or BUTE Loudness Suite.

Signum Audio is offering readers of Gearjunkies 30% off using code: BL230JLY !

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