New Voice Deepener & De-esser filter in Mauvio video app

Accusonus announces two new filters for Mauvio, their intuitive iOS app for mobile video creators.

Mauvio allows you to make your mobile videos sound more professional, using simple sliders. It can be used in parallel with any video editor/app for a seamless, mobile video editing workflow. Accusonus is committed to bring professional audio quality to mobile video creators. Μore filters and new creative features will be added to Mauvio in the next months.

What’s new :
Deepener | A filter designed to make your voice sound less like it was recorded, and more like how it sounds when you hear yourself. This deep voice sensation is lost when recording. Deepener will restore what’s missing, helping you find your “true voice”.

De-Esser | A simple slider that automatically detects and instantly removes harsh sibilance. Get rid of those ear-piercing esses with a simple slider.

Existing features include :
De-noise | Bring down the noise – Instantly reduce background noise (air conditioners, computer fans, busy roads, and machinery or electric noise like hum, buzz and hiss.)

Balance | Loud and clear – Balance out your video’s uneven audio levels of speech, for more intelligibility. Maintain volume consistency throughout your video.

Enhance | Add “colour” to your sound – Use the “Enhance” filter to shape your vocal tone and achieve broadcast-quality results. Give your content that “professional” touch, with a simple slider

Volume | There’s also a volume control which allows you to intelligently boost or reduce the loudness of your video, without compromising the audio quality.

These filters allow you to instantly boost the quality of your voice – with minimal effort, you can now take the sound of your mobile videos to the next level. This enables you to create professional video content from scratch, wherever you are.

How it works
Import a video to Mauvio or record a new one directly through the app. You can also select “Copy to Mauvio” when exporting a video from any other app Use Mauvio’s one-slider filters to instantly repair & enhance your audio Save the video to your Library or share it directly to social media and other video editing apps.

Pricing and Availability
You can check out Mauvio for free, with a limited number of exports (10). The yearly subscription is USD 9.99 & the monthly subscription is USD 2.99

Requires iOS 13.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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