NTP Technology Penta 615 series remote control panels now shipping

The Penta 615 series holds three different models: Penta 615-600A, Penta 615-610A and Penta 615-620A. All units are deigned to be able to operate either through a direct connection or in combination with an NTP Technology 635 Router Controller.

In Direct Control Mode (DCM), Penta 615 Control Panels will communicate directly with Penta audio routers, which eliminates the need for additional devices or software. The DCM mode is ideal for small and simple router solutions based on manual control. In DCM mode each key on the control panel is programmed for a certain function such as source select, output select or crosspoint select.

Each model in the Penta 615 Control Panel series vary in terms of amount of available keys, as well as whether there are rotary knobs included. Penta 615-600A features 24 keys, Penta 615-610A has 18 keys as well as 4 rotary encoders and Penta 615-620A offers 42 keys plus a main display. All models have dedicated mini displays for each key or rotary knob and all controls are user-programmable.

“These new panels are truly next-generation control at your fingertips, and we’re very excited to start shipping them now, making them available to all of the broadcasters out there who rely on Penta routing and conversion in their daily workflow,” says Mikael Vest, Sales Director at NTP Technology.

“The Penta 615 Control Panels can be used in a wide variety of applications.
For example, if you have a Penta 720 that acts as a Dante to SDI bridge and also has our optional Delay processor installed, you can monitor incoming feeds whether that is from Dante or SDI embedded audio in order to check the lipsync.

But that’s just one example, the different ways you can configure these panels with Penta 720/721/721s is virtually endless.”

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