Vlog – listen to APS COAX active monitors at Studioguys

In this new video, Gearjunkies Marc and Stefan are going on a road trip! They go to Nieuwkoop in the Netherlands. Studioguys, the distributor of APS studio monitors, is located there.

Stefan is looking for new near field monitors in his studio. Together they will listen to the COAX 2-way active near field monitors.

About APS
APS was founded in 2006 by a world-renowned loudspeaker designer, an audiophile and businessperson, and an engineer/producer with a shared passion for sound. Rajmund Stodolny is the driving force behind APS. As an experienced business leader and an enthusiastic audiophile, Raymond has both the skill and the passion to make APS go

About Studioguys
Studioguys offers a clear range of high-end studio gear. Owner Rene is happy to advise you on studio acoustics, studio design and custom cabling. In addition, he is a distributor and supplier of various high-end studio processors, microphones and APS monitors.

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