Arturia announces 3 Modulation plug-ins You’ll Actually Use

Today, Arturia announced three new modulation effect plug-ins in the series ‘You’ll Actually Use’. The Chorus DIMENSION-D, Phaser BI-TRON and the Flanger BL-20. These new modulation effects are remakes of the original hardware units.

The Chorus DIMENSION-D is an emulation of the Roland SDD-320. This chorus was immediately a classic when Roland released it in 1979. It is famous for its soft and subtle modulation. It’s a chorus that produces a little more drive and doesn’t have that typical pitch modulation sound.

The Phaser BI-TRON is an emulation of the Mu-tron Bi-Phase, also from the 1970s. This effect pedal also belongs in the hall of honor of vintage effects. It has two independent phasing circuits, two oscillators, advanced routing options and a warm, yet highly recognizable sound.

The Flanger BL-20 is based on the rare Bel BF-20 Stereo Flanger, which was designed by former Genesis guitarist Mick Barnard. The BF-20 stereo flanger with two independent delay circuits. In addition to all the original functions, Arturia has supplied two functions: a function generator, a stereo width and a Hi-pass filter.

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