Gearjunkies video – The Behringer 2600 analog synthesizer in 25 minutes

As announced some time ago, Behringer has recreated the legendary Arp2600 synthesizer. It is certainly not the first clone of this synth, as Korg re-built them earlier this year in a limited edition. And there is the TTSh 2660, a do it yourself project with kits and parts.

Behringer choose a different approach, and built all the parts into a 8 unit high rackmount case. The layout of the different sections is therefore somewhat different from the original. The sliders are smaller and have built-in led lights in different colors to symbolize the function. Also on the front panel we have the left and right jack outputs, and the power switch and headphones output. It has space on the upper side where you can find interfacing components for midi and usb, as well as the power supply and two inputs for an interval latch and portamento foot switch. There is also a dimmer there to adjust the brightness of the sliders lights or switch them off.

The Arp 2600 was designed a semi-modular, duo-phonic synthesizer, the idea was to give the use maximum flexibility in sound design but also to be able to use it as standalone analog synthesiser without having to patch anything. But in in the layout, Arp wanted to make everything clear for educational purposes. That is why there are little symbols under the sliders giving information about the source and the arrows indicating inputs or outputs and where they are normaled too. All the little round caps cover small trimmers that you can access with a screwdriver two adjust if necessary.
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