Softube and Empirical Labs announces four new products

Empirical Labs is the maker of innovative, long-lasting pro audio equipment that’s also famous for analog flavor. Under the leadership of the renowned Dave Derr, ELI has produced such classics as Fatso, DerrEsser, and Distressor. Softube is proud to continue its fifteen-year relationship with ELI in the form of a new partnership. With a shared dedication to quality sound and solid gear, we proudly introduce four new products from Softube + Empirical Labs: Mike-E Comp, Lil FrEQ, Trak Pak for Console 1, and the Empirical Labs Complete Collection.

Mike-E Comp, a compressor/saturator with a punchy preamp, is based in part on the famous ELI Distressor. Available as an individual native plug-in or as a module in Amp Room, Softube’s guitar and bass platform, Mike-E makes it fun to push the limits without harshness. Mike-E delivers analog warmth in an uncomplicated, modern interface—with the famous NUKE mode included.

Lil FrEQ is unique in the world of equalizers for its warm yet extremely punchy retro sound. A classic EQ sound in a modern parameter set that features eight processing sections with independent bypass, punchiness galore, and de-essing with a soft knee high-frequency limiter, it’s hard to think of a more potent analog EQ. There’s no need for a chain of plug-ins when using an EQ as proficient as Lil FrEQ.

Trak Pak for Console 1 features a combination of the toasty, fat-sounding Mike-E saturator/compressor and the punchy Lil FrEQ analog equalizer/de-esser. The resulting channel strip offers the well-regarded Console 1 workflow and the legendary ELI sound in one place. It’s an unprecedented product for the Console 1 ecosystem, and the pro audio world in at large.

The Empirical Labs Complete Collection offers all the new Empirical Labs + Softube products in one bundle. The collection of native plug-ins is masterfully modeled and fine-tuned for mixing professionals and recording engineers. It offers the bold compression and saturation of Mike-E Comp, the complex power of the Lil FrEQ equalizer and de-esser, and the punchiest channel strip available for Console 1 in Trak Pak. Complete Collection brings ELI’s famous analog sound into the modern, DAW-based studio.

In short:

  • NEW: Empirical Labs Mike-E Comp + Mike-E for Amp Room
  • NEW: Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ
  • NEW: Empirical Labs Trak Pak For Console 1
  • New Empirical Labs and Softube partnership
  • Introducing four Empirical Labs + Softube products
  • Expertly-modeled native software versions of the hardware counterparts
  • Sound and performance equivalent to the hardware counterparts
  • The celebrated Empirical Labs sound
  • Created in collaboration with the authority, Dave Derr of Empirical Labs

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