Softube releases Volume 5 Plug-in Collection

Outstanding sound, supreme value. Softube Volume 5 Plug-in Collection, a hand-picked anthology of exceptional-sounding tools, is a treasure trove of plug-ins available with huge savings over the list prices on the individual components. With personalized upgrade paths based on ownership of a previous version of Volume or one of the included plug-ins, the value is further increased.

Volume 5 features four exquisitely crafted additions: the surgically precise Weiss EQ MP, Amp Room pro audio guitar and bass platform, Marshall Cabinet Collection expansion for Amp Room, and Statement Lead polyphonic synth. And they’re just a taste of the wealth of high-quality gear that comprises the bundle.

All the top-notch plug-ins from the previous Volume editions are included in Volume 5. There are component-modeled analog channel strips, compressors & limiters, EQs, effects, reverbs & delays, special processors, amp sims, and instruments that have been created in partnership with industry-leading brands like Summit Audio, Doepfer, Marshall, Drawmer, Trident, OTO, and Fix. And the best-in-class Weiss MM-1 Mastering Maximizer rounds out the set ready to polish whatever it touches to a high shine.

Volume 5 can easily and flawlessly address any studio need while ensuring that every aspect of the process—from composition through production, mixing, and mastering—is handled with the most brilliant sound quality available. An assortment of plug-in gems of this quality and value found in a single collection represents a truly rare opportunity.

In short Volume 5 Plug-in Collection

  • Latest additions: Weiss EQ MP / Amp Room / Marshall Cabinet Collection / Statement Lead – For the full list of plug-ins included, please see EPK
  • A collection of premium plug-ins—all featuring Softube’s indisputably-exquisite sound quality—for a fraction of the cost of each product respectively
  • Includes plug-ins developed in close collaboration with industry-leading brands like Weiss, Summit Audio, Drawmer, Marshall, Trident, OTO, Doepfer, and Fix
  • Multiple upgrade paths available: users can upgrade to Volume 5 from any previous Volume edition or any included plug-in
  • A complete mix toolbox with channel strips, compressors & limiters, equalizers, distortion, transient shaping, effects, reverbs & delays, guitar & bass sims, and instruments

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