Loopcloud 6 Introduces AI Search Technology

Loopcloud gives musicians studio-quality samples, loops and instruments to take their music further. It’s the all-in-one production partner that provides inspiration to start and finish tracks.

What sets Loopcloud apart from its competitors is the ability to preview and modify over 4 million royalty-free samples—plus your own sample collection—live and in perfect time and key with your DAW – only downloading the sounds you want. It brings together every sound from your collection into one place: tagged, organised and easy-to-find.

New in Loopcloud 6

Loopcloud continues to advance the future of sample subscription services with AI-powered harmonic and rhythmic sound matching, similar sound recommendations and adjustable audio search filters. Additional updates include three new effects, AI-tagging for user content, intuitive export options and more. Loopcloud 6 inspires producers with new sounds, fresh ideas and unexpected musical directions.

Discover the perfect match

Select a sound you like and instantly hear a curated selection of complementary loops that work alongside your chosen sound. The “sound-matching” algorithm will search through your personal sample collection and the complete Loopcloud library to find samples and loops that harmonically and rhythmically match. It’s not a cheat code for making music; it’s the creative spark that ignites new ideas and eureka moments.

Find the missing piece

That elusive sound floating around in your head is now easier to find, thanks to Loopcloud’s new Audio Filters. Use the Tone, Length, Stereo, BPM, Swing, Rhythmic Density, Attack, and Decay sliders to find the characteristics you need, whilst setting specific ranges for each category to narrow down your search. You’ve found a sound where the vibe is just right, but the sample doesn’t quite fit with your track – just click ‘Find Similar Sounds’. This unique feature will instantly show you a wide variety of similar alternatives to help push your music forward.

Additional effects and patterns

Loopcloud’s effects rack now has three new effects: EQ, Tonebox and Compressor. Tweak the parameters of each effect to your taste, or choose between a variety of instantly inspiring presets. Experiment with the new creative patterns and build imaginative arpeggios, basslines, rhythms and more.

Combine your collection

AI-tagging automatically analyses and tags all user content added to the Loopcloud library. Just select the folder you’d like to import and let Loopcloud do the rest. Everything will be where you need it, when you need it.

Export how you want

Loopcloud 6 allows users to choose which export options work for them. Drag sounds straight into your DAW with the Export button, or click and copy to your clipboard, choosing the export preferences that are right for you. Export downloaded sounds as a current mix, original file, processed file, processed separate files, or original separate files – the choice is yours.

Loopcloud is available from £5.99 / €6.99 / $7.99 per month.

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