Semitune Releases free Pegboard For iPhone

Semitune today announced the release of Pegboard for iOS, the synthesizer app with a harmonic keyboard. The app works as a standalone synth or as a MIDI controller. What’s different about it is the keyboard layout is harmonic. This layout allows musicians to compose music in a new and intuitive way. The app was first released for Android back in February.

The keyboard design is based on something called the Tonnetz. The Tonnetz was invented by Leonhard Euler in 1739 as an attempt at writing a new theory of music. The idea has had limited use ever since. Pegboard gives musicians access to this powerful way of writing and playing music.

“Making the app work on both platforms is just the first step,” says Brandon Murray, the founder of Semitune.” There are a lot of great features planned in the coming months along with the launch of our second app.” That second app is a chord progression tool called Overtone, slated to be released this summer.

Some of the core features of Pegboard are:

  • Aharmonickeyboard.Thekeyboardturnschordsintobasicshapesandmakeswritingmusiceasy. Unlike on piano, each chord type is a single shape.
  • Scale-highlightedkeys.Thekeyboardhighlightsnotesintheselectedscale.Thereare138scales currently included in the app.
  • Powerfulsubtractivesynthesizer.Includesafull-featuredsynthesisengineandallthecontrolsand modulation options you would expect.

    Pegboard is a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

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