Softube releases Tape Echoes

ape delays often sound much cleaner than envisioned. The new Softube Tape Echoes delivers old-school tape sounds that are finally as dirty as expected—with the ability to go even dirtier. Skillfully modeled to capture the sound and behavior of vintage tape delay, Tape Echoes offers both classic tape sounds and massive amounts of wow, flutter, drop-outs, and more—all in one easy-to-use plug-in.

The Drive & Dirt features of Tape Echoes provide the ability to achieve as much wobbly, glitchy, distorted delay as desired. While the Just Dirt setting can take a hi-def loop to a lo-fi vibe with old-school, gritty tape sounds. Many tape delays make realistic tape effects, but most cannot easily create the heavy distortion, tape wobble, and crushing feedback of old-school dub sounds. Simple to use and plush with color and character, Tape Echoes makes it simple to realize the revolutionary sounds heard on records from Elvis to King Tubby to Radiohead—or to take the effect to radical new fronts.

Tape Echoes is available for use in Amp Room and Modular. In Amp Room, Softube’s pro audio guitar and bass platform, Tape Echoes can be combined with other studio effects, classic amps, cabs, and pedals to create studio-quality, record-ready tones. Used in Modular, Softube’s modular synth platform, Tape Echoes can be virtually patched to any of the modules from Doepfer, Mutable Instruments, Buchla—to name but a few.

In nearly two decades of emulating award-winning professional audio gear, Softube has collaborated with such premium audio brands as Weiss Engineering, Tube-Tech, Solid State Logic, Chandler Limited®, and Trident. Softube’s record of perfectly recreating classic hardware in software form is rock-solid. It’s this legacy—and the spirit of Softube giant Tape—that Tape Echoes calls back to. The result is an intensely rich, lo-fi mojo machine and quality that exceeds expectations.

In short

  • NEW: Softube Tape Echoes
  • A vintage tape echo plug-in that can sound as dirty as you’ve always wanted a tape delay to sound
  • Drive & Dirt features for clean or extremely distorted sounds—and everything in between
  • Capture old school dub sounds with lots of distortion, tape wobble, and crushing feedback
  • Easy to dial in great sounding effects with amazing quality
  • Three versions included: Tape Echoes as a native plug-in, Tape Echoes for Amp Room, and Tape Echoes for Modular

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