Bitwig Studio 4 is here!

Bitwig Studio‘s latest update saw the arrival of comping for audio clips and Operators for all sequenced events. Anti-Loops uses these features to push the idea of what a loop is to the breaking point. Because after all, maybe the best loops don’t.

Get lost in the ever-changing landscape of somewhat-unpredictable, sometimes-irregular and always-interesting “Anti-Loops.” The Anti-Loops package consists of 100+ clips with sequenced notes and audio that utilize comping and Operators in creative ways. Operators for notes and audio events allow for boundless musical diversity and change, and the specially prepared comping clips hold hidden variations for you to discover. Expert sound designers like Cristian Vogel, Polarity and Pat Cupo crafted these sounds to be added into any track or used as a first element to get your project started. When something arhythmic becomes rhythmic, or when a looping element feels a little variable and almost broken — that’s something worth building a track on.

So much more than flat WAVs, the Anti-Loops clips are ready to be edited and reworked as much or as little as you like. Use the Anti-Loops clips to learn, as inspiration, or as starting points for your own musical journeys.

Anti-Loops is available for all Bitwig Studio customers  with an active Upgrade Plan. Download it now in the Dashboard under “Packages.”

With Bitwig Studio version 4 new musical timelines have arrived.

This means comping for audio clips, both in the Clip Launcher and the Arranger. A new set of Operators for changing the chance, recurrence and more of any note or audio event. Random Spread for any expression point (like per-note pitch or audio panning) with perfect control. Bitwig Studio 4 has native Apple Silicon support on Mac and even allows Intel and ARM plug-ins to work side-by-side.

Audio Comping

Since the invention of studio recording, our task has been to create the perfect performance. Comping allows you to combine the best parts of many takes, and Bitwig Studio provides this and more.


Modulation has always been a centerpiece of Bitwig Studio. Modulators have been there all along, putting device parameters into motion. And now with Operators, sequenced note and audio events can become electric too. Operators allow you to take sequenced events and animate them with randomness, cycle-aware logic, performance controls, and other interrelatonships that expand what a clip is capable of. Operators also empower you to go to different possibilities and timelines, either by programming, by performance control, or by destiny.

Expression Spread

Bitwig’s engine uniquely allows Expression automation for notes and audio. And since randomness was in the air, we brought a visualized Spread range to any expression point. You can add randomization to note velocities, and you could also give each piece of a chord its own panning. Or create a note that starts in tune and then drifts to a random pitch. Or give each slice of an audio clip a slightly randomized gain. We trust you’ll find the right use(s) for it.

Native on Apple Silicon

When new computers arrive, software must follow. Apple is making their own M1 processors, so now Bitwig Studio runs natively on Apple Silicon.

Some more good news is that your Intel and ARM VSTs can live alongside each other. Bitwig Studio has always handled plug-ins differently, hosting them separately from the DAW. Because if a plug-in has to crash, it is better that Bitwig Studio keeps playing. Now this means mixing VST architectures as well, and just as safely.

Each platform is different, and we support three of them. So whether it is Apple Silicon, a full multitouch interface for Windows and Linux, or native CV and MPE support for everyone, Bitwig Studio is the DAW that connects all these technologies


Bitwig Studio 4 is out now and it is a free upgrade to everyone with an active Upgrade Plan for Bitwig Studio. All new features except comping are also part of Bitwig Studio 16-Track and 8-Track.

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