Louder Than Liftoff announces Silver Bullet mk2

sound palette-providing tools developer Louder Than Liftoff is proud to announce upcoming availability of SILVER BULLET mk2 — the culmination of over seven years of dreaming, designing, and building a 2U flagship stereo bus/ line/mic TONE-AMPTM that brings real analog mojo and streamlined workflow to the modern DAW-based studio; it builds upon the trademark intuitive workflow of the original SILVER BULLET with its abundance of I/O and built-in matrix router to include expanded user-customizable MOJO, increased tone-shaping options, new ASPECT RATIO stereo image enhancer, and improved level metering, as well as adding much-requested fully-balanced inserts, to make this desert island tool even more versatile and powerful than ever before

SILVER BULLET mk2 delivers with its twin topology (A or N) MOJO amps, and adds an exciting twist — a third MOJO slot accepting either new stereo MOJO amp or COLOUR modules. This feature allows integrated processing like tube saturation, compression, or EQ to be inserted into the signal path after SILVER BULLET mk2’s classic ‘A’ or ‘N’ inspired MOJO amps for the ultimate in front and back end versatility that is unmatched by any other product in its class. An exciting evolution of the ‘mk1’ concept, SILVER BULLET mk2 is the ultimate solution for making the sounds in anyone’s head come to life.

Applications as diverse as mix/2-bus mojo; mastering; mic preamp; stem/bus processing; tracking channel strip with compression, EQ, and saturation (depending on configuration)… music has never felt more alive than it does when working with SILVER BULLET mk2!

SILVER BULLET mk2 is available to preorder directly from Louder Than Liftoff for $2,599.00 USD

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