Blue Cat Audio Releases New PolyVibe Modulation Plug-In

Blue Cat Audio has released Blue Cat’s PolyVibe, a complete re-creation of the vintage “Vibe” pedals in a plug-in, with a couple of twists.

Based on the original pedal designs from the sixties and with a couple of innovations, Blue Cat’s PolyVibe lets you recreate these legendary sounds and explore new tonal universes: the plug-in can indeed simulate many kinds of “vibes” such as chorus, phaser, rotary or wah/vocal effects, while keeping this particular vintage flavor that is so typical to “vibe” pedals.

Thanks to all these extensions, the plug-in is not only suitable for guitars, but for many other instruments, including the human voice.

  • Blue Cat’s PolyVibe Main Features:
  • Re-creation and extension of the original “vibe” pedals in a plug-in.
  • Create new effects with the 3 filter modes: classic, reverse and phase.
  • Total control over the filters shapes and motion.
  • Swing” control for more musical effects.
  • Control the stereo width of the effect.
  • Synchronize the LFO to the host application, or control the effect with automation or a MIDI expression pedal.
  • Navigate presets and create new tones easily with the tone maps explorer.

Introduction Pricing Until May 19th: Blue Cat’s PolyVibe: 59 USD/EUR, instead of 79 (25% off)

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