Conductive Labs announces two new MIDI products at NAMM 2022

At NAMM 2022, Conductive Labs will introduce two new products: the MRCC µ88 and the MRCC XpandR 4×1.

The MRCC µ88 is the little brother to our popular MRCC – MIDI Router Control Center. It’s a smaller, more portable MIDI Router and computer MIDI Interface, with the convenience of per-port routing buttons, so no PC is required for configuration. The MRCC XpandR 4×1 is a DIN expansion for the MRCC – MIDI Router Control Center. It can also be used as a USB class compliant computer MIDI Interface, or a stand-alone 4 to 1 MIDI merger.

MRCC μ88 MIDI Router

When you have outgrown a MIDI thru box or 1×1 USB MIDI interface, the MRCC μ88 is what you are looking for. It has just the right number of inputs and outputs for a small desktop or live jamming rig:

• 4x 5-pin DIN inputs, plus a shared 3.5mm MIDI TRS
• 4x 5-pin DIN outputs, plus a shared 3.5mm MIDI TRS thru
• 4x USB MIDI virtual Inputs and Outputs

It’s killer for DAWless jamming, but of course you can use it in the studio as a USB MIDI interface for your PC, Mac, or tablet. It’s great for playing stand-alone soft synths, or connect it to your DAW and plug-in instruments.

User Centered Design
With the dedicated per port routing buttons, simply select an input, then pick which outputs to route to. It’s super quick! MIDI merging is automatic. Status and activity are displayed on per-port LEDs. More advanced features such as Filtering, Channel Split, Panic and MIDI monitoring are configured with dedicated buttons. When your performance setup is complete, save it for recall later. All without a PC for configuration.

The MRCC μ88 was designed for crowded desktop music spaces. Its narrow form factor and vertical connectors ensure the best use of valuable real estate. An anodized aluminum enclosure gives it stability and durability. It will look amazing among your favorite gear with its vintage synth style and hand-silk screened user interface. The raised and angled cheeks provide enough space for cables to pass under the μ88.

MRCC XpandR 4×1

When MRCC’s 6 routable DIN and TRS inputs just aren’t enough, the MRCC XpandR 4×1 adds 4x DIN Inputs (and a shared 3.5mm TRS), and 1x DIN Output (plus 3.5mm TRS thru). Up to four XpandRs can be attached to the MRCC’s USB host ports. Inputs and the Output are routed the same way as MRCC’s USB host MIDI virtual ports, so it’s quick and easy to route XpandR’s ports; it’s like they were built-in to MRCC.

The XpandR is also a 4x Input, 1x Output USB MIDI class compliant MIDI interface for your PC, Mac, tablet, or what have you. Or, use the Mode button to switch XpandR to a stand-alone 4 into 1 USB powered MIDI merger. In MIDI merger mode, the USB connector is only used to power the XpandR. A two-color indicator shows Power, Merge mode, MIDI Input and MIDI Output activity.

The MRCC XpandR 4×1 comes housed in a robust and beautiful anodized aluminum enclosure with hand- silk screened user interface. A USB cable and User Guide are included.

MRCC μ88 MIDI Router – Shipping Summer 2022 at an estimated street price of $149 USD

MRCC XpandR 4×1 – Shipping Summer 2022 at an estimated street price of $79 USD

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