Stylophone launches The Stylophone Pitch Theremin

Introducing the Stylophone Pitch Theremin, the latest innovation in portable electronic instruments from UK company Dubreq Ltd – creators of electronic instruments and the iconic sound of the Stylophone pocket synthesizer launched in 1968.

The new portable Stylophone Theremin redefines the iconic instrument for the 21st century. With added slider control for precise notes, delay and vibrato effects, octave control, and various tone options, it merges vintage retro design with advanced playability and sound sculpting options. Designed to inspire musicians, enthusiasts, and creators alike.

The Stylophone Theremin creates experimental sounds controlled by movement with an extendable antenna, the unique slider for precise melodies and tones or a combination of both, offering a magical intuitive musical experience.

Go over the edge with crunchy echoing delay and screaming modulated drones. Add vibrato and the trigger button for crazy, quirky sounds. Make beautiful haunting melodies and crazy sci-fi symphonies.

Powered by AA batteries, with built-in speaker and headphone connection, it is an ideal companion for those seeking innovation in sound creation and a compact on the go instrument for live performance, studio or home.
Play it anywhere.
No Theremin experience required.

Features list:

  • Antenna for creating movement based sound
  • Slider for more precise notes and moving melodies
  • Create drones or trigger notes
  • Wobbly vibrato circuit
  • Echoing delay
  • Portable AA battery design
  • Built in speaker
  • Headphone and audio output
  • Can be used with a mic stand


The Stylophone Theremin is available for pre-order now.

Approx $110, €100, £90

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