Jacob Collier Partners with Native Instruments to Create a Free Instrument

Native Instruments revealed the Jacob Collier Audience Choir instrument in commemoration of the release of Jacob Collier’s latest album, Djesse. Vol 4. Renowned for his boundary-breaking musical approach and adeptness with technology, the six-time GRAMMY winner, Jacob Collier, gained global recognition for his groundbreaking live performances. In these shows, he orchestrates his audience akin to a choir, amalgamating myriad voices into a singular, impromptu masterpiece. Expanding upon this concept, Collier collaborated with Native Instruments to transform audience voices into a freely accessible software instrument.

This collaboration democratizes the unique experience previously exclusive to Collier himself. Users can now manipulate his audience choir as an instrument, seamlessly integrating a chorus of authentic voices from around the world into any musical composition. The Jacob Collier Audience Choir instrument, powered by Kontakt, incorporates moments from 22 distinct live performances, meticulously captured by Shure microphones, prominently featured throughout Djesse Vol. 4.

Highlighted features include the Vowel Morph Pad for dynamic vowel blending, authentic audience percussion samples, and customizable sound manipulation through built-in effects and controls. Additionally, users can effortlessly generate harmonies with the chord generator or experiment with triad blends for instant harmony variations. Whether seeking the authenticity of a live choir or a subtle background texture, this instrument offers versatile options to enrich musical compositions.

Starting today, Jacob Collier Audience Choir is available for free from Native Instruments.

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