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Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep And Ableton Live

What can the Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep do with Ableton Live? Performance, production, stage, studio, SoftStep from Keith McMillen Instruments does it all. This video showcases some of what SoftStep can do when controlling music software such as Ableton Live. Featured are various control setups for performance and studio situations. SoftStep is the worlds first first Multi-Touch, pressure, and motion sensitive foot controller.

Ableton Live Maximized

Ableton Live Maximized

Since the release of MAX FOR LIVE a growing and inspired Ableton user community have built thousands of new instruments, effects and extensions for Ableton Live and shared them with others. Even product developers at Ableton and Cycling ‘74 who programmed Max For Live have been amazed by the diverse range of devices that the Ableton community has produced. Now, it’s time to show others and total Ableton community that Max For Live is not just a tool for Geeks and programmers but also the key to a never ending supply of inspiration for all Ableton Live users.

Get more out of Logic with

Get more out of Logic with is the latest joint venture from sample boutique Loopmasters and online music production academy Producertech LTD, it is a new website which features two online Logic video courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students, which has been designed and delivered by our qualified trainer Rob Jones. The concept of this new website is to allow students of all abilities and locations to login and study online whenever they choose, getting professional instruction and support as modules are delivered.

Serato and Ableton demonstrating The Bridge worldwide

Serato and Ableton demonstrating The Bridge worldwide

With ‘The Bridge World Tour‘ Serato and Ableton product specialists and industry-leading DJs and producers will be demonstrating The Bridge in select cities worldwide. Special guests include Rob Swift, DJ Spider, Jeff Milligan, DJ Revolution, Poirier and J-Boogie.These free demos will offer an introduction to Ableton Live and Serato Scratch Live, as well as an in-depth look at The Bridge.

Ableton and Softube team up for guitar plugin – Ableton Amp

Ableton Amp is the result of a close cooperation between Softube and Ableton. Getting a great guitar sound or adding a bit of good dirt to electronic tracks within Ableton Live has never been this easy. Ableton Amp has the characteristic tone of legendary guitar amplifiers and cabinets without any of the hassles. Amp has a minimal but very powerful parameter set to make sure that you’ll get the quickest result possible.

Ableton & Minus present ten free Ableton Live Sets

The Live Sets were made exclusively for Ableton by ten artists from the Minus roster. Each Set comes with a companion Lesson that reveals insights into the artist’s musical vision and offers valuable production tips. Includes material from: Click Box, Hobo, Heartthrob & Troy Pierce, Magda, Marc Houle, Fabrizio Maurizi, Barem, Ambivalent, JPLS and Gaiser.

Ableton Suite 8 – A Gearjunkies Review

Ableton Live, from a simple sequencer to a serious Digital Audio Workstation. Ableton Live 8 Suite, also known as the XL version, is the version of Live that comes with a huge amount of instruments and library of sounds. About no less then 1600 sounds divided among ten instruments. The GUI (graphic user interface) stands out against the GUI’s of the other well known DAW’s by its simplicity. Which in fact works easier and better.