Ableton Live Maximized

Since the release of MAX FOR LIVE a growing and inspired Ableton user community have built thousands of new instruments, effects and extensions for Ableton Live and shared them with others. Even product developers at Ableton and Cycling ‘74 who programmed Max For Live have been amazed by the diverse range of devices that the Ableton community has produced. Now, it’s time to show others and total Ableton community that Max For Live is not just a tool for Geeks and programmers but also the key to a never ending supply of inspiration for all Ableton Live users.

From April 1st Ableton will showcase some of their favorite Max For Live devices and the artists behind them on This is “Ableton Live Maximized”!

What is Max For Live?
Ableton Max For Live is a graphic software Tool Kit for programming an easy way your own Ableton virtual Instruments, Effects and Extensions (Devices) you ever wanted. You can build new Devices from scratch, modify existing ones or simply use Devices that others have made. Build completely unique Synths and Effects yourself, create algorithmic composition tools, or fuse Ableton Live and Controller hardware into new radical music machines. Join a society of device makers and share ingenuity!

All the information, introduction Video, example Devices ….


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