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FabFilter Pro-C – Gearjunkies Review

FabFilter Pro-C – Gearjunkies Review

Fabfilter PRO-C is a compressor/limiter plugin. But what does a compressor really do? To understand this we have to go back in time when professional studio’s didn’t use any compressors. The recording engineers had to manually control the faders in order to compensate for any changes in level. This was even before mix automation. John B. Howell was the first one to come up with the idea to develop a device which could control the level of audio signals. The first (experimental) version didn’t have any variable settings and acted more like a limiter. Still recording engineers wanted it because saved them a lot of effort. Since then the compressor has been evolving till current day even in the digital realm.

FabFilter releases Pro-C 1.11 and Volcano 2.02 updates

FabFilter has released FabFilter Pro-C 1.11 and Volcano 2.02. Both plug-ins now work correctly in MOTU Digital Performer 6, and the Audio Unit versions support mono-to-stereo channel configurations. Like Volcano 2, Pro-C now features mouse wheel handling and an improved parameter value display. In addition, Pro-C now supports the new VST 3 format. Finally, both releases include some minor bug fixes and interface rendering improvements. These updates are free for existing FabFilter Pro-C or Volcano 2 users.

FabFilter releases Pro-C version 1.10

Just released in August 2007, FabFilter Pro-C is a professional compressor plug-in with very high quality sound, flexible routing and side chain options, and various beautiful program dependent compression styles. The innovative user interface and animated level display make compression with FabFilter Pro-C easy to grasp for everyone.