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Synth-Project impOSCar2 Controller in action – Video

After the build of the Desktop Version, Mario Jurisch wanted to have his own impOSCar Controller. Instead of a second desktop controller he decided to go for a keyboard version. Trying to emulate the looks and feel of the original hardware synth. His goal was to create a modern OSCar with the features of the new impOSCar2 Software Synth from GForce. And talking about the impOscar2 VSTi, allthough we haven’t heart much about it, it is still in development and being tested as we speak. However a release date still hasn’t been set.

GForce Imposcar2 hardware controller – part 3

And there it is! Mario has just finished his fantastic impOSCar 2 Controller “Keyboard Version”. Comment of Chris Mcleod from GForce was: “Stunning!” And yes, we totally agree. This machine looks so cool that you would love to take it and go and play with it. Earlier Mario mentioned the controller would maybe go up for auction or people could make a bid for it, … but this thing took up so much time and money in parts that he is just as happy to just keep it for himself. (And who could blame him for that?) But then again…. for the right offer?

GForce impOSCar2 Hardware Controller?

This ‘much-anticipated’ next version of the Imposcar softsynth is in its final development stage. According to their own website, GForce are putting their heads down once more and get on with the job of completing this instrument. So we have to wait just a few until GForce is unveiling the final version. That said, … we came across a very interesting ‘sometin’ ‘sometin’ on the internet. A GForce Imposcar2 hardware controller! Looking at the pictures, … that is a sweet controller, right? To be completely clear, the persons in the picture below are members of Underworld together with Dave Spiers from GForce. The guy playing with the controller is Darren Price of Underworld, contributor of many sounds to the (version 1) impOSCar soft synth. So there is an onvious connection between Underworld and GForce.

ImpOSCar synth updated with dualcore fix

ImpOSCar synth updated with dualcore fix

GForce update their mighty impOSCar synth with a free fix for Dual Core PC users. ImpOSCar is the synth for you if you want subtractive, additive, monophonic, duophonic, polyphonic, multiple oscillator waveforms, multiple LFO types, multiple filter types, multiple triggering modes, keyboard velocity response, integrated effects, an arpeggiator, filter overdrive, programming immediacy, a hefty patch library and the capability of producing a vast and varied range of sublime tonal textures.