ImpOSCar synth updated with dualcore fix

GForce update their mighty impOSCar synth with a free fix for Dual Core PC users. ImpOSCar is the synth for you if you want subtractive, additive, monophonic, duophonic, polyphonic, multiple oscillator waveforms, multiple LFO types, multiple filter types, multiple triggering modes, keyboard velocity response, integrated effects, an arpeggiator, filter overdrive, programming immediacy, a hefty patch library and the capability of producing a vast and varied range of sublime tonal textures.

GForce are keeping the synth ahead of the game with continued updates for the latest processor developments and have just released an update to the synth specifically for Dual Core PC users. It fixes a problem experienced by some Dual Core PC system owners whereby using multiple instances of the instrument could cause distortion. The update is free to all users who have registered their impOSCar to their GForce Software accounts.

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