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Hard Note updates JUMP to version 1.16.

Hard Note updates JUMP to version 1.16.

Hard Note software has updated their JUMP Midi sequencer software. The following bugs were fixed:

* A Key Override control has been added to the Section Pages.

* Two Chromatic display modes have been added to the Radar.

* The Info display now shows which chords are used in the previous, current and next bar (measure).

* The section Reset action has been modified.

* Track one’s Humanise Menu button now no longer interfers with the 8th Note Swing function.

* The Guide to Using JUMP (this document) has been updated and improved.

Hard Note updates Jump to version 1.15

A free update of JUMP to version 1.15 (Nov 25 2004) is now available for download. This new version features:

* New 8th Note Swing control for creating swing/shuffle grooves

* New Straight/Swing Toggle, Halve Tempo and Double Tempo functions

* New rhythm voice instrument defaults

* Improved randomisation

* Improved Rationalise Song option

* More keyboard shortcuts * More demo material

* Updated and improved Guide to Using JUMP

* Fixed function keys not responding when motif editor has focus bug.

Please see the website for full details.

To update download the latest demo from and re-install it. You will not need to remove the previous version first, as the latest version will overwrite it.