Hard Note updates JUMP to version 1.16.

Hard Note software has updated their JUMP Midi sequencer software. The following bugs were fixed:

* A Key Override control has been added to the Section Pages.

* Two Chromatic display modes have been added to the Radar.

* The Info display now shows which chords are used in the previous, current and next bar (measure).

* The section Reset action has been modified.

* Track one’s Humanise Menu button now no longer interfers with the 8th Note Swing function.

* The Guide to Using JUMP (this document) has been updated and improved.

The new Key Override control allows a section to use a different key to the rest of the song. This makes it possible to create key modulations and increases JUMPs musical range by making available a much wider choice of chords. The new Chromatic Radar display modes show the details of how chords and key modulations are constructed at the semi-tone (half-step) level. The new chord info is useful for both live accompaniment and ear training. The section Reset action now uses the same default motif arrangement as was introduced in version 1.13. The problem with Track one Humanise Menu button interfering with 8th Note Swing has been fixed.

For more information available at www.hardnote.com

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