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The Analogue Monologues – Part VIII: The Korg MS20 – Video

With the eminent release of the new Korg MS-20 Mini just around the corner, Vince Clarke shows us what the original was all about. The Analogue Monologues is a series of mini video-documentaries made by Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode/Yazoo/Erasure). In each webisode Vince talks about one of his analogue synths and explains where the on/off switch is. This series proves, once and for all, that he really doesn’t know much about anything (a must see!).

Korg MS-20 Reborn as the MS-20 Mini

Korg MS-20 Reborn as the MS-20 Mini

Another product we have been waiting patiently for has arrived today! Korg’s MS-20 monophonic synthesizer, first introduced in 1978, is still a coveted instrument to this day, thanks to its thick, robust sound, its powerful, iconic analog filter, and its versatile patching options. Over 300,000 people have enjoyed the distinct MS-20 sounds from the original, from Korg’s MS-20 plug-in synth, or the iMS-20 iPad app.

Something for the Weekend: Original Korg MS-20 vs. iMS-20

Talk of the town last week. KORG released a vintage synth recreation for the iPad. After the earlier this year released iElectribe, they now gave us the iMS-20 app. The original MS-20 is a patchable semi-modular monophonic synthesizer which Korg released in 1978 and was in production until 1983. Although the MS-20 follows a conventional subtractive synthesis architecture of oscillators/filter/vca, its patch panel allows some rerouting of both audio and modulation, and it includes an external signal processor. This flexibility led to its resurgence during the analog revival of the late 90’s.