Korg MS-20 with iPad docking station

Creative minds, … creative minds! Mario Jurisch (a.k.a. Synth-Project) has just finished his latest project. A hardware controller for the iMS-20 app for the iPad. The controller is appropriately named MC-20 controller. Look at the pictures and you will agree he did a great job.

Mario in his own words:
The MC-20 Controller for the iPad has a 3 Octave Full Size Keyboard. So the size of the Case is nearly 1:1 of the original MS-20 Synthesizer. The case has a iPad Slot to let the iPad inside the Case and you don´t need any place beside the case for the iPad.

The normal parameters are controlled by the USB64 Midi Interface from Doepfer, via Knobs and pots like the real Hardware Synth. To handle the patch cords, i use the iPad. I think, this will be a good way, because the patch sockets of the App and the VST Instrument too, have no Midi CC´s.

The Advantage is, that i can use with iPad App, the Sequencer and the Drum Machine of the App too. So i have a little so-called MS-20 „Workstation“. ;o) In fact, that the iPad is inside the case, i have a StandAlone Synth.



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