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LinPlug Updates (Mac Only)

Linplug have four updates this month, and they are all for Mac. They still not have a 64 bit version of Octopus and RMV, which is related to the fact that they have relatively few beta testers running a full 64 bit Mac system, so if you use a 64 bit host and would like to help them testing with any of these two products on your Mac, please get in touch!

Re-release of the Linplug Element P Percussion Synth

Element P is a percussion synthesizer that LinPlug discontinued 6 yeas ago. With its simple FM-alike technology it has a unique sound, is easy to edit and fun to play with. It is now compatible with today’s production environment, so it is fully compatible with all Windows versions from XP on up to Windows 7, both 32 and 64 bit. A Mac version will follow , if there is demand.