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Massive Threat New Kore Powered instrument

The creator of MASSIVE has developed an instrument packed full of the edgy, dynamic sounds of contemporary electronic music, taking its cue point from the dark, brooding atmosphere and raw, aggressive digitalism of dubstep, wonky and future garage. Building on MASSIVE’s reputation for producing sounds that range from brutal to warm and creamy, MASSIVE THREAT is an essential KORE Instrument for the free KORE 2 PLAYER or KORE 2 that can also be used directly in MASSIVE.

Happy Holidays from Native Instruments

Native Instruments is happy to present to you a free instrument made up of premium sounds from highly-successful KORE / KONTAKT instruments. HOLIDAY SELECTION 2009 is a full-featured production-ready sound library that includes 45 Kore Sounds® with 360 Sound Variations, drawn from 12 different KORE / KONTAKT instruments. From classic sampled instruments to futuristic soundscapes and poly-effects, HOLIDAY SELECTION 2009 brings together the cream of this celebrated and diverse range.

NI releases Sonic Fiction Kore Soundpack

Native Instruments today introduced SONIC FICTION, a new KORE-Powered instrument that combines inventive field recording with advanced synthesis into an arsenal of hundreds of genuinely otherworldly sounds. Designed by prolific sound design artist Jeremiah Savage and usable with KORE 2 and the free KORE PLAYER, the instrument provides musicians and producers with a inspirational resource for movie and game scoring, modern sound design and various electronic music styles.


Native Instruments introduces REAKTOR SPARK Kore Soundpack

Native Instruments has just introduced REAKTOR SPARK, a KORE SOUNDPACK based on the new “Spark” performance synthesizer designed by NI founder and REAKTOR mastermind Stephan Schmitt. With a strong focus on distinctive tone and genuine musical expressiveness, REAKTOR SPARK is both an outstanding library addition for REAKTOR users as well as a powerful instrument and sound library for KORE 2 and the free KORE PLAYER.

NI introduces TRUE STRIKE TENSION Kore soundpack

Native Instruments today introduced TRUE STRIKE TENSION, a new KORE SOUNDPACK with distinctive percussion sounds that are specifically designed to add mystery and tension to cinematic film scores and similar musical styles. Created in collaboration with renowned sound design company ProjectSAM, the production-ready sound material in TRUE STRIKE
TENSION is further enhanced through the convenient sound shaping and browsing features in KORE 2 and the free KORE PLAYER.

New NI KORE SOUNDPACK explores future sound technologies

Native Instruments has just released REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS, a new KORE SOUNDPACK that explores the world of complex self-generating soundscapes, textures and rhythms. Powered by several highly advanced REAKTOR-based sound generators including the innovative “Spiral” sequencer, REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS provides a literally endless resource of unique atmospheric sound material for various electronic music styles, movie and game scoring, art projects, and more.

Kore 2 is now available

The Super Instrument is now available worldwide. A new breed of instrument has arrived: KORE 2. The Super Instrument brings you wide-ranging, cutting-edge sounds coupled with the feel of real hardware. Find any sound in seconds, tweak it via the KORE 2 hardware, and transform your musical ideas into reality.