Massive Threat New Kore Powered instrument

The creator of MASSIVE has developed an instrument packed full of the edgy, dynamic sounds of contemporary electronic music, taking its cue point from the dark, brooding atmosphere and raw, aggressive digitalism of dubstep, wonky and future garage. Building on MASSIVE’s reputation for producing sounds that range from brutal to warm and creamy, MASSIVE THREAT is an essential KORE Instrument for the free KORE 2 PLAYER or KORE 2 that can also be used directly in MASSIVE.

MASSIVE THREAT was created by MASSIVE’s original designer, one of Native Instruments’ most accomplished synthesis and sound design experts. Through sophisticated usage of MASSIVE’s advanced sound shaping features, MASSIVE THREAT provides an inspirational arsenal of previously unheard digital tones and textures, evoking dystopian vibes that are perfectly suited for Dubstep and similar dark sound aesthetics.

MASSIVE THREAT provides 200 KoreSounds with eight morphable Sound Variations each, resulting in 1,600 individual sounds. Concise parameter assignments allow for immediate, intuitive sound tweaking in KORE 2 and KORE PLAYER. Full musical metadata for all presets also makes MASSIVE THREAT integrate seamlessly with any individual collection of KORE-Powered instruments.

MASSIVE THREAT is available for download purchase in the NI Online Shop for $59 / 49 EUR. Additional information on MASSIVE THREAT including audio demos is available at




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