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Tone2 update and turn Firebird into a Freebird!

Tone2 has released an update for their good old Firebird synth plugin. But that’s not all, with this version 2 they release it into the wild as a freeware version. Tone2 tells us it’s not longer profitable as a commercial product, however they do feel that this plugin should be enjoyed by anyone who wants to. So with this last update they relaese this 79 dollar synth into a Freebird!

Tone2 release FireBird+ v1.10.2 update

FireBird+ is not just another synthesizer, it uses Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM) synthesis to provide a powerful, unique and innovative architecture for next-generation sounds, never heard before. HCM synthesis combines standard and resynthesized waves, which can be modified in real time using various modifiers altering their harmonic structure.

Tone2 releases Abstracts expansion for Firebird+

Tone2 are pleased to announce the release of the Abstracts expansion for Firebird+. Abstracts is a collection of 440+ patches, an extensive 30 page manual with step by step tutorials including tips and hints for Firebird and a patch list with descriptions for easy access to the sounds. Featuring deep basses, ambient textures, rhythmic elements, leads and evolving pad sounds, Abstracts showcases the true strength of Firebird’s Harmonic Content Morphing synthesis.