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Yamaha TNR-i – Tenori app for iOs

The iOS version of the world-renowned TENORI-ON brings you a completely new musical interface. Even if you don’t know much about music, you can create music intuitively as if you were arranging sounds in space. The music that you see on the 16 × 16 grid of buttons is the music that is performed. On the 16 × 16 grid of buttons, basically, the horizontal direction is time, and the vertical direction is pitch. By laying sounds on these buttons, you can combine rhythms and melodies to produce music. A button will glow when its sound is produced. The movements of the glowing lights produce a visual performance.

Yamaha launches revolutionary new Tenori-On

Yamaha’s stunning Tenori-on is lighting up music and technology forums everywhere, prepare for the future of sound and control. Tenori-on is a fusion of sound and music, but first and foremost it is a revolutionary hands-on instrument, a tactile way of controlling sound, and a way of quickly sequencing complex musical arrangements. One effect of this sound and light synergy is that even non-musicians can enjoy improvising and even composing almost instantly.