Yamaha launches revolutionary new Tenori-On

Yamaha’s stunning Tenori-on is lighting up music and technology forums everywhere, prepare for the future of sound and control. Tenori-on is a fusion of sound and music, but first and foremost it is a revolutionary hands-on instrument, a tactile way of controlling sound, and a way of quickly sequencing complex musical arrangements. One effect of this sound and light synergy is that even non-musicians can enjoy improvising and even composing almost instantly.

But Tenori-on is also much more

It’s a controller – The unique 16×16 light-matrix on the fascia is how you interface with
Tenori-on, whether you’re auditioning the 256 onboard sounds, selecting one of the 16 onboard sequencer tracks or playing in melodic or percussive elements. Tenori-on gives incredible visual feedback so you know exactly what’s happening inside that brushed
magnesium exterior –and that light display is also replicated on the rear-side for those crowd-pleasing performance sessions. Tenori-on also comes with its own MIDI cable for attaching to any other MIDI gear, making it possible to control both software and MIDI-equipped hardware.

It’s a synthesiser – Tenori-on features 256 internal studio-quality sounds. The sounds are
conveniently arranged into groups, ranging from drums and strings to basses, pads, percussive, synthesised and lead sounds, be they traditional instruments or more ethereal and other-worldly in origin. Don’t be fooled by that little silver box – connect Tenori-on to your speakers or sound system and experience the power and clarity of those presets!

It’s a sampler – The onboard sounds will cover most bases, but you can easily augment the sound palette with your own samples – 48 of them, to be precise. The bundled software editor makes it easy to drag and drop the sounds onto a standard SD card, then simply call up the newly created patches into one of the three User locations.

It’s a work of art – Never before has the world seen such a fusion of technology, tactility, ergonomic beauty and stunning sounds. Tenori-on immediately feels intuitive, and although powerful it’s quick and easy to start interacting right out of the box.


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