Brainworx releases new and revolutionary EQ

This new ‘monster’ is a double-precision 11-band stereo and MONO EQ with some totally NEW auto solo listening modes. Joystick control for sweepable Bass- and Presence-Shifter EQs, switchable EQ-bands, internal M/S stereo width and Mono Maker up to 22k.

bx_hybrid is a revolutionary new 11-band EQ system that Brainworx have designed for mixing and mastering purposes. Its internal high-resolution filter algorithms and some unique and innovative features make this an “engineer´s weapon”. bx_hybrid is a set of 2 EQs, MONO and STERO versions of the same basic EQ concept (Mod 1.0 & Mod 2.0).

Brainworx chose the name “hybrid” for 2 reasons: although being a LEFT / RIGHT EQ the stereo version (Mod 2.0) bx_hybrid has some internal M/S features, and although being an EQ that has to be set manually it has many AUTO features that will help you finding the perfect EQ setting fast and convenient.

The bx_hybrid 11-band EQ comes in a mono version (Mod 1.0) – which also is multi-mono compatible on hosts that support this feature – and in a stereo version (Mod 2.0). You have been asking for a mono version to be able to use the critically acclaimed Brainworx filter technology in a mix session on single channels as well… so there you are… and they even improved the filter sound, enabling hi-end EQ-ing up to 26 kHz… even in 44.1 kHz sessions!

They are already working on the concept of a surround version as well (Mod 5.1) which will not be an update but a separate product and released later. The special features of bx_hybrid include internal M/S STEREO WIDTH CONTROL, M/S MONO MAKER, sweepable SHIFTER EQs, Joystick Control and AUTO LISTEN MODES).


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