Clavia releases Nord Wave Manager

Clavia has released the Nord Wave Manager, the application that allows Nord Wave users to create Sample Instruments from any standard audio file and download these to the Nord Wave synthesizer through its USB interface.

The Nord Wave Manager has some very powerful functions in order to assist users to create multi-sampled waveforms, called Sample Instruments. These Sample Instruments can then be used as waveforms on the oscillator 2 on the Nord Wave.

The Manager can extract individual samples from a mono or a stereo audio file and map them across a keyboard range; these samples can then be adjusted in e.g. pitch and/or amplitude. The process of setting start- and loop markers is very easy to accomplish with the Nord Wave Manager.

It has provisions for two loop types, Long Loops and Short/Single Cycle loops. In order to create seamless loops from a variety of sounds, an adjustable crossfade option is available. Setting a start point and an alternate start point in a sample is a one-click function.

Every change that can be applied to a sample or a group of samples in the Nord Wave Manager can be monitored in real time via the computer audio card. Any change in e.g. the positioning of the loop markers or setting for the crossfades is instantly heard during playback. The Nord Wave Manager can also be used offline; Sample Instruments can be edited and/or created using only a computer. The results can then be downloaded to the Nord Wave synthesizer at a later stage.

The Nord Wave Manager also contains a librarian function that can manage the memory content of the Nord Wave – both the Sample Instrument memory and the Program memory.

The Nord Wave Manager is available as a free download at in the Nord Wave Download area and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Mac OSX.


* Creates mono or stereo samples from an audio file (.wav format)
* Easy to map samples across a keyboard range
* Graphical interface for setting start- and alternate start points in a sample
* Graphical interface for creating loop markers, and loop crossfade options
* Real time monitoring of any adjustments
* Librarian utility for Sample Instruments and Program

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