SSL expands plug-in portfolio for Duende with X-Eq

Solid State Logic will introduce their new X-EQ plugin for Duende at the coming NAMM next week. X-EQ is a creative equalising tool combining the best of both the analogue and digital worlds. SSL recreated the most legendary analogue equalisers and added a few experimental characteristics only possible the in digital domain. By using proprietary filter algorithms, they have achieved a huge dynamic range as well as extremely low noise and distortion level, and thus unparalleled sound purity, impossible with any analogue circuitry.

Key features of X-EQ include:
* 10 band parametric EQ with individually selectable EQ type per band.
* Intuitive user interface with drag and move graphic control, on screen knob layout, mouse wheel (& fine mouse) control and numeric editing.
* Bands one & 10 are High & Low Cut Filters, each with five different selectable topographies.
* Bands two & nine are Shelving EQ’s with proportional Q values.
* Bands three to eight are Bell Filters with 20Hz-20kHz range and nine individually selectable EQ types.
* Bands three to eight can be switched between standard series and parallel signal flow for classic graphic EQ style operation.
* Real time FFT signal analysis display.
* Stereo input and output metering with peak hold, separate RMS meter and dynamic range display.
* A/B facility for instant comparison of two different EQ set ups.
* Full parameter automation via any compatible host.

Solid State Logic

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