Analogue Solutions releases the Leipzig monosynth

Recently Analogue Solutions has released the Leipzig monosynth. It is a self contained TRUE analogue synthesiser. The voice circuitry is entirely analogue, using all discrete and op-amp components. There is no voice DSP. Leipzig has a similar sound and specification to the classic Moog Prodigy/Rogue synthesisers, but with many improvements such as MIDI and more modulation paths.

– Pure analogue voice circuitry.
– Fat Moog style filter.
– 2 VCOs with Glide and Sub-VCOs.
– Plenty of modulation routing possibilities.
– Extra tone controls and circuits for more sound variety e.g. LFO, CrossMod.
– Rugged steel construction and ‘vintage’ wood design.
– MIDI In for software sequencer control.

The Leipzig is priced at 549 Pounds (Euro 700) excl. VAT and Delivery.

Analogue Solutions

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