E-MU announces releases Mac Driver Stack as open source

E-MU Systems today announced that for the first time it will release as open source the Macintosh driver stack for its award winning USB 2.0 audio interface products – the 0202USB, 0404USB, and TrackerPre.

The Software Developer Kit will be available on the SourceForge developer’s website in early December. The software will be released under the GNU Lesser General Public License or LGPL v3, which enables developers to commercially redistribute products derived from this code base.

The Software Developer Kit will include the E-MU USB 2.0 driver interface specification and necessary source code for adding new features, enhancing performance, or porting to other Operating Systems.

“We are releasing this code to the public to enable programming enthusiasts the ability to experiment with and to extend the capabilities of our products, which we find being used in a variety of applications outside of the MI space proper. I’m convinced that our clever user base will come up with innovative variations not addressed by our mainstream activities,” said Michael Lee, marketing manager for E-MU Systems. “I’m excited to see the results generated by the OpenSource community.”

E-MU Systems USB 2.0 Interfaces
E-MU Systems manufactures three USB audio interface products: 0404USB, 0202USB and TrackerPre USB 2.0. All three systems deliver unparalleled levels of USB audio quality to the Mac or PC with their premium 24-bit/192kHz A/D and D/A converters, pristine XTC™ mic/line/hi-Z preamps, and ultra-low jitter clock.

All units also feature plug-and-play functionality and professional features like independent ground lift switches and signal-to-noise specs that are simply unmatched by any other USB interface on the market. The E-MU USB 2.0 interfaces will forever change your expectations of USB audio

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