NAMM 2009 opens its doors tomorrow!

Tomorrow NAMM 2009, the music manufacturers’ US trade show will kick off. This year will probably be more interesting then ever. With the world’s economy in a less then good shape, manufacturers will have to make extra efforts the coming year(s). Will they introduce new products or … will they hold off new gear because they wanna monitor the economy first and see where we are going with this issue?

Is this view a bit too gloomy? Well maybe. We hope it is! Luckily there are already manufacturers who take the bull by the horns and have press conferences lined up to reveal their plans for this year. Without going into details we can say that several manufacturers will reveal new gear:
– Focusrite
– Novation
– Celemony
– Openlabs
– Ableton
– Cycling ‘74
– Native Instruments
– IK Multimedia
– Roland
– Behringer
– Presonus

The information will be dropping in tomorrow, so be sure to keep an eye out for our news section of our news feed (RSS).

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