Serato announces the release of Video-SL 1.1

Serato Audio Research are excited to announce the release of Video-SL 1.1, a software plug-in for Scratch Live that adds the ability to playback and mix video files.

Previously only available to owners of the Rane TTM 57SL, 1.1 now offers support for the popular Rane SL 1 and MP 4. This, along with increased functionality, additional MIDI control features and a new offline player, solidifies Video-SL as the most ground breaking digital DJ plug-in to date.

Since its release in January 2008, Video-SL has been embraced by thousands of Scratch Live DJs, taking advantage of the easy-to-use and intuitive user interface to bring a new visual component to their performances. The plug-in can now be uysed by all Rane SL 1 and MP4 customers via MIDI mapping with third party controllers.

“We had always intended to support the SL 1 and MP4,” explains Sam Gribben, General Manager at Serato Audio Research. “By opening it up to the TTM 57SL first, we were able to work with a smaller number of power users to create a stable, reliable foundation, which is the most important aspect of any software we develop.”

A new offline player joins the feature list in this version of Video-SL, allowing video files to be previewed and managed without having any hardware connected. Any performer can now prepare effects on each video file, to be saved and stored, ready for the next show.

Video Instant Doubles allow you to play the same video and effects on a second deck, while new Audio Responsive effects let the music control a variety of live video effects. These vary from Bass Zoom to Splits, and are controlled by analyzing the music signal. These progressive effects add a unique dimension to any visual set.

“People will be blown away by the new features in Video-SL 1.1” says Video-SL Lead Developer Nathan Holmberg. “A lot of time has gone into implementing feature requests from our customers. This release blurs the line between VJ and DJ, making it not only a lot more accessible for everyone, but a lot more fun.”

Video-SL 1.1 is a free upgrade for existing owners and will be in Public Beta early February.

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