Clavia Nord Wave OS updated to version 2.02

Clavia is pleased to announce that the OS of the Nord Wave have been updated to version 2.02 which besides a few bugfixes, also includes some exciting new features.

The analog triangle and sawtooth waveforms are now shapeable. This provides you with extended harmonic control, and allows you also to create interesting results by modulating the shape.

• 6 new waveform options have been added in the Osc 1 Misc category. These consist of 2 new noises, three new sine waves and 1 new pulse wave:
• Misc n2 – Complementing the original noise is a new “narrow” noise band which gives it a pitched character. The Shape control allows you to dial in a timbre ranging from a wide band noise to a fluctuating sine wave.
• Misc n3 – The metallic noise waveform produces a noisy signal with a bright metallic timbre. The timbre is created by a dense cloud of short pulses with carefully detuned frequency relations, creating clusters of high pitched partials in its audio spectrum. This type of noise is useful to create the metallic sounds made by acoustic cymbals and hihats.
• Misc SO & SA – 2 shapeable sinus waveforms, one with the addition of odd numbered harmonics, and the other with both odd and even numbered.
• Misc SS – A third sine wave, which is syncable. The Shape control sets the pitch of the “hidden” sync oscillator.
• Misc PF – This pulse wave is of the “fixed” variety, the width is adjusted in absolute time values with the Shape control. This makes the width constant across the keyboard and results in a nice and rugged spectrum with fixed formants, similar in character to many acoustic instruments.
• The number of FM categories for both Osc 1 & 2 have been almost doubled with the addition of 18 new, 3 operator FM algorithms.
• The update also makes the Nord Wave compatible with the ever growing Nord Sample Library, and the Nord Sound Manager v5.x and Nord Sample Editor v2.x. This allows you to exchange samples with Nord Electro 3 users and to download lots of new sounds from the Nord Sample Library.

Nord Sound Manager
The Nord Sound Manager is our generic Librarian application. This Windows XP/Vista and Mac OSX compatible application allows you to manage the various sounds in an Nord Wave and relieves the duties of the previous Nord Wave Manager. The Sound Manager makes it possible to copy programs by Ctrl-click-dragging a program to an empty location, you can double-click on a sample or program in the Manager list to automatically select this item in the Wave and you have more options to present the lists of items in a manner that you choose. A Search box allows you to find any programs with names that contain certain characters, to e.g. help you organize the programs in the Wave to suit your needs.

Nord Sample Editor
The Nord Sample Editor that you use when you want to assemble audio files and create NSMP-compatible samples, has also received a few tweaks as well, to make it compatible with the new Wave and Electro 3 operating systems.

New Factory Soundbank

In addition to the new features, the Factory Sound Bank has been given an overhaul with the addition of 2 new banks and some general tweaks of the existing sounds. Henrik Johansson has contributed with an entire bank (#4), and our good friend Palle Dahlstedt has left some very strong impressions in parts of bank 5.

More info and images can be found on the Nord Keyboards website.



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